1. Allen Iverson


  2. Captain America


  3. Batman & Superman


  4. Greg Oden


  5. Real Love


  6. Banquet


  7. Hong Kong


  8. Abandoned Church


  9. Batman & The Joker


  10. Moon Over Manhattan


  11. Abandoned Church


  12. Marilyn Monroe


  13. Rorschach by Lee Bermejo


  14. Walton Goggins


  15. Here’s a mix of my 20 favorite albums of 2013, with one song from each album.

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    01-Boards Of Canada “Nothing Is Real” (from Tomorrow’s Harvest)

    02-Forest Swords “The Weight Of Gold” (from Engravings)

    03-Lapalux “Guuurl” (from Nostalchic)

    04-Machinedrum “Center Your Love” (from Vapor City)

    05-Fulgeance “Stupido” (from Cubes)

    06-DJ Koze “Marilyn Whirlwind” (from Amygdala)

    07-Jon Hopkins “Collider” (from Immunity)

    08-Kelpe “Answered” (from Fourth : The Golden Eagle)

    09-FaltyDL “Straight & Arrow” (from Hardcourage)

    10-Gold Panda “Flinton” (from Half Of Where You Live)

    11-Baths “Miasma Sky” (from Obsidian)

    12-James Holden “Renata” (from The Inheritors)

    13-Jessy Lanza “Against The Wall” (from Pull My Hair Back)

    14-Disclosure “White Noise” (from Settle)

    15-Daniel Avery “Water Jump” (from Drone Logic)

    16-SCNTST “Percee Scan” (from Self Therapy)

    17-Kastle “Red Light” (from Kastle)

    18-Mount Kimbie “Made To Stray” (from Cold Spring Fault Less Youth)

    19-Segue “Parchement” (from Pacifica)

    20-Siriusmo “Itchy” (from Enthusiast)